Enneagram Type 9: The Mediator

The Peacemaker

Triad: Gut

Purpose: Acceptance

Quest: To merge with another and/or something greater

Lesson: Assertiveness


Value: Peace

Talents: Patience, mediation

Challenges: Indolence, complacency

Fear: Separation from the other

Childhood parental dynamics: Positive to father and mother


Healthy: Receptive, open, serene, emotionally stable, accepting, trusting, easygoing, patient, gentle, unpretentious, innocent, simplistic, nice, optimistic, reassuring, kind, supportive, calming, peaceful, mediator, comforter, content, pleasant, generous, diplomatic, open-minded, empathic

Average: Accommodating, submissive, conciliatory, living through others, complacent, passive, ignoring/avoiding problems, emotionally indolent, procrastination, oblivious to reality, unfocused, spacey, inattentive, idealized thinking, “peace at any price”, resigned

Unhealthy: Repressed, helpless, dependent on others, apathetic, passive-aggressive, judgmental, stubborn/obstinate, neglectful, irresponsible, forgetful, dissociative, disoriented, immobilized, emotional breakdown, personality fragmentation


Roles: Mediator, support staffer, bureaucrat

Examples: Dwight Eisenhower, Bing Crosby, Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy Stewart, Norman Rockwell, Rose Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Clark Kent, “Hippies”


ENFP—The Motivator

ENFP, The Champion.

Most optimistic

7% of U.S. population

Traits: Dynamic, enthusiastic; affirming; highly skilled with people; craves affirmation; near psychic awareness; charismatic; lots of ideas without follow-through; sociable; desires to please; highly intuitive; seductive; excellent “shape-shifter” who can easily “become” others (step into their shoes); all life is a party; follows enthusiasm until totally exhausted, then collapses; hypersensitive to criticism; people pleaser; everything (including work) must be fun/play; strongly impacts others; negatively interprets others’ “hidden motive” usually inaccurately; optimistic; ingenious; imaginative; creative; charming; adaptive; impulsive; dramatic

Occupations: Salesperson, advertising/P.R. executive, politician, actor

Examples: Snoopy, Robin Williams

ENTJ—The Mobilizer

ENTJ, The Commander.

Most authoritarian

4% of U.S. population

Traits: Hardy, argumentative, robust, arrogant, “king of the mountain”; impatient; strong ego; clear in thought and speech; needs to control; schedules relaxation; direct; abrasive; quick-witted; competitive; leader; commander; dislikes inefficiency; devoted to job; “take charge” persona; “leader of leaders”

Occupations: Lawyer, manager, administrator, mortgage broker

Examples: Douglas McArthur, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frank Lloyd Wright

Enneagram Type 8: The Leader

The Challenger

Triad: Gut

Purpose: Leadership

Quest: To be self-reliant, in control

Lesson: Surrender



Values: Strength, power

Talent: Management

Challenge: Lust for power

Fear: Submitting to others

Childhood parental dynamics: Ambivalent to mother


Healthy: Assertive, confident, strong, “can-do” attitude, inner drive, ambitious, natural leader, decisive, authoritative, commanding, provider, sponsor, promoter, masterful, courageous, protective, enterprising, entrepreneur

Average: Direct, skeptical, self-sufficient, forceful, empire builder, power broker, proud

Unhealthy: Controlling, insensitive, domineering, self-centered, aggressive, rebellious, egocentric, arrogant, confrontational, belligerent, bullying, defiant, adversarial, threatening, oppressive, ruthless, violent, immoral, hardhearted, dictatorial, tyrannical, delusional ideas of grandeur/omnipotence/ invincibility, reckless, vengeful, brutal


Roles: CEO, military commander, father archetype

Examples: Fidel Castro, Muammar Qaddafi, Martin Luther King, Mao Tse-tung, Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Al Capone, Lee Iacocco, Sean Penn, Johnny Cash, Darth Vader

ISFP—The Artist

ISFP, The Composer.

Most artistic, kind, and gentle

8% of U.S. population

Traits: Loves and is sensitive to others, serene; sympathetic; appreciates life; in touch with self and nature; non-imposing; often invisible; creative; artsy; sells self short; quiet; subtle; expresses self through art; in tune with beauty and harmony of the senses (color, texture, etc.); generous; trusting; receptive; least visible/understood of the types; expresses self through action not speech; looses self in action/art

Occupations: Nurse, social worker, veterinarian, hair stylist, makeup artist, composer, painter, dancer, fine artist, chef, decorator, animal rights activist

Examples: St. Francis of Assisi, Beethoven, Rembrandt, Frodo

ISTJ—The Inspector

ISTJ, The Inspector.

Most private and critical

9% of U.S. population

Traits: Responsible, dependable, reliable, “bottom line” mindset, demanding, dutiful, “should”-driven, “macho” type, efficient, no-nonsense, schedule-oriented, traditional, honorable, strong integrity, “the rock”, actions speak louder than words, fiercely loyal, decisive in practical affairs, quiet, serious, thorough, just/fair, practical, stable, respectable

Occupations: Administrator, manager, policeperson, military/soldier, accountant, auditor

Examples: Henry Ford, Calvin Coolidge, Johnny Carson, George Washington, George H.W. Bush

Enneagram Type 7: The Adventurer

The Enthusiast

Triad: Head

Purpose: Joy for life

Quest: To be happy/satisfied and avoid pain

Lesson: Moderation



Values: Fun, happiness

Talents: Energy, gratitude for abundance

Challenge: Gluttony/excess

Fear: Being deprived

Childhood parental dynamics: Negative to mother


Healthy: Fun-loving, spontaneous, enthusiastic, quick, curious, excitable, vivacious, stimulating, resilient, lively, multitalented generalist, “Renaissance person”, versatile, awed with life, joyful, ecstatic

Average: Unfocused, undisciplined, restless, materialistic, connoisseur, trendsetter, sensation seeker, hyperactive, superficial, dabbler, outrageous, outspoken, loud, brash, uninhibited, extravagant, escapist, impulsive

Unhealthy: Manic, addictive tendencies, erratic, out of control, volatile mood swings, compulsive/manic actions, panic attacks, self-centered, selfish, demanding, impatient, unsatisfied, insensitive to others, excessive


Roles: “Jack of all trades,” generalist, “Renaissance man”

Examples: Leonardo Da Vinci, Barbara Streisand, Robin Williams, Sarah Ferguson, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Miss Piggy