identity in the zodiacAstropsychosynthesis uses concepts of Psychosynthesis and applies this to your astrological birth chart to understand more about your subpersonalities. The planets can indicate various subpersonalities, and how they are placed in the chart can indicate how well integrated they are into your core personality and in what part of your life they express themselves. Several planets together can make up a particularly strong or well developed subpersonality.

You can use the gifts of your various subpersonalities to overcome challenges in life to achieve your full potential. Need to incorporate some discipline and structure into your life, where is Saturn located? Are other planets/energies combined with it? Saturn with Mercury could mean you need to plan more; Saturn with Venus, that you could use some help from a counselor or friends to get back on track. Or, maybe you need more action or change in your life. Where are Mars and Pluto? Have fun exploring the possibilities of the many combinations.

To learn more about what each planet means and possible subpersonalities for these energies, see Astrological Planets, Meanings, and Subpersonality Possibilities and apply it to your birth chart to get to know more about your many miniselves.


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