Type and Tarot

Three tarot cards: the Hierophant, the Fool, and TemperanceThe tarot is more than just a deck of cards with interesting pictures. Most people think of it as a fortune-telling tool, but it is also a way to see your personality type depicted in images. Specifically, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Enneagram can been seen to correspond to two of the three sections of a tarot deck.

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards that emerged in the Middle Ages as a card game, then later became known as a fortune-telling device. Nowadays, it is also often seen as a personal development tool to use with visualizations and journaling.

There are three parts to a tarot deck: the Major Arcana, 22 “big-picture” themes representing archetypal energies; the Minor Arcana, 40 “everyday challenges” cards divided into four suits, which differ depending upon the deck (pentacles/diamonds/earth, swords/spades/air, cups/hearts/water, and wands/clubs/fire); and the Court Cards, 16 “people cards” (page, knight, queen, and king) also divided into the four suits. This allows for a broad range of images and situations to explore.

The Court Cards are ideal for depicting Myers-Briggs type: 16 cards and 16 types. And, the Enneagram types, along with the wings, correspond to the Major Arcana cards (archetypal energies = your motivations and values). The Court Cards Correspondences Table gives the relationship between Myers-Briggs type and the cards, along with examples, and the Major Arcana Cards Meanings and Correspondences Table gives detailed information on how Enneagram type relates to the cards.

So, who are you in the tarot?


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  5. Hello, I am very interested in your association with the enneagram. But unfortunatly, the links don’t work (anymore?). May you repair that? Thanks in advance. Nobbi

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