POTENTIAL: Your Future Identity—What empowers you? What holds you back?

Force Field Analysis diagram with for and against arrows

What will you accomplish in the future? What are your plans and goals?

Your guides/supports/opportunities (subpersonalities, role models, mentors, groups, etc.) are forces that can pull you up, excite you, empower you, and allow you to access your best self/Higher Self in order to achieve your goals. These also include activities such as positive thinking, visualization, affirmations, and accountability.

Your gremlins/saboteurs/challenges (inner critic, bullies, enemies, antagonists, etc.) are the forces that can hold you back, keep you stuck and small, and prevent you from achieving your goals. These also include issues such as fears, worries, negative thinking, and depression.

Together, both of these forces create your force field (or “life space”). Whichever force is stronger dictates how much movement, if any, you will make towards your goals. You can diminish one side by strengthening the other, and vice-versa.

To analyze these positive and negative forces influencing your goals, use the Force Field Analysis, created by Kurt Lewin, a German-American social psychologist. This tool is used for decision making in business, social science, etc., and is very helpful in personal development analysis.

The Guides vs. Gremlins Sheet is also helpful in defining your helper and detractor forces in general.


PURPOSE: Your Spiritual Identity—What will be your legacy?

Legacy Star for Teaching

Legacy Star for DanceLegacy Star for Publishing






Life/soul purpose, or your calling, relates to what you will leave behind—your mission, gift(s), lesson(s), teaching(s), wisdom—your legacy. How do your passions show up in the world? What do you create? One way of answering these questions is by creating your Legacy Stars to see where you shine in the world. Legacy Stars are connected to your passions—knowledge, values, and skills—and personality. What you know a lot about/love learning about, what is very important to you/must be present in your life, and what you do well/love doing directly relate to your purpose. Your personality helps determine your strengths (and weaknesses) that you will use in your life’s work. To create your Legacy Stars, use the following guide:

  1. First, create the stars:
  • The Center: The theme—the topic of your work or hobby
  • The Points: The specifics—roles, types, settings, etc.
  • The Size: The level of passion connected with the theme—the bigger the star, the stronger the passion

Be creative with your stars. Make them as simple/basic or elaborate/stylish as you want. Use whatever required number of points, and add any embellishments that would be helpful (circles or “fringe” at the tips for subcategories, surrounding circles/halos/shadows or flames for further definitions, etc.).

  2.  Then, determine their placement:

  • How do they relate? How do you place them (connecting, overlapping, far apart, over, under, etc.) based on their relationship?
  • What constellation do they form?
  • What is its meaning?