Astrology and Personality: Your Star Self

birth chartAstrology is often thought of as a prediction system (who you should marry, the best times to plan events, etc.), but it is also a very rich and complex system of personality information—much more than just your sun sign. Regardless of whether you “believe in” astrology, it provides a spiritual/metaphysical lens of exploring the different parts of your personality and how they relate to each other.

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the moment of your birth and your identity in the universe. The placement of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects (the relationship of the planets to each other) in it complete the puzzle of your universal identity.

Here is a brief guide to what the planets in your chart may tell you about yourself:

  • Sun—Your Core Self, your essence, the self you show to the public/others
  • Moon—Your Inner Self, your inner child, vulnerabilities, the self you keep hidden
  • ASC—Your Mask, the first impression you make
  • Mercury—Your Mind, intelligence, mindset, thoughts
  • Venus—Your Heart, emotions, feelings
  • Mars—Your Energy, passion, fire, actions
  • Jupiter—Your Development, horizon broadening, learning, growth, expansion
  • Saturn—Your Structure, discipline
  • Uranus—Your Originality, uniqueness
  • Neptune—Your Dreams, fantasies, ideals
  • Pluto—Your Evolutionary Self, rejuvenation, generation, regeneration
  • Nodes—Your Lessons, what you are here to learn and teach

Use these resources for more information:

Free birth chart website

*Reference Tables:

Planets—Your subpersonalities

Signs—The manner in which you use your subpersonalities

Houses—The areas of your life where your subpersonalities are most emphasized

Aspects—How your various subpersonalities interact with each other

*Two good websites for introductory Astrology lessons:

Bob Marks Astrology Lessons

The Mountain Astrologer Beginning Astrology Lessons


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