Enneagram Type 1: The Perfectionist

The Reformer

Triad: Gut

Purpose: Truth

Quest: To be right/perfect

Lessons: Unconditional acceptance, going with the flow



Values: Improvement, order

Talents: Wisdom, reason

Challenge: Self-righteous anger

Fear: Being condemned

Childhood parental dynamics: Positive to father


Healthy: Conscientious, strong morals and ethics, rational, reasonable, self-disciplined, moderate, just, fair, extremely principled, impartial, objective, virtuous, reliable, wise, honest

Average: Reformer, crusader, critical, high-minded idealist, orderly, neat, methodical, organized, logical, detailed, rigid, impersonal, no-nonsense, puritanical, compulsive, fastidious, meticulous, punctual, “black and white” thinking, opinionated about everything, judgmental, impatient, fault-finding, perfectionistic, workaholic, nitpicker, serious

Unhealthy: Self-righteous, intolerant, dogmatic, inflexible, close-minded, extremely judgmental, obsessive-compulsive


Roles: Police, martial arts instructor, manager, preacher, judge

Examples: Jerry Falwell, Ralph Nader, Margaret Thatcher, Thomas Jefferson, Pope John Paul II, Spock (Star Trek)