ESTP—The Adventurer

ESTP, The Dynamo.

Most unpredictable

8% of U.S. population

Traits: Action-oriented; lives for the moment; the ultimate realist; restless; entertaining; gregarious; short attention span; competitive; adventurous; doer; problem-solver; likes change, unpredictability, and excitement; resourceful; witty; clever; fun; poor at “follow-up” details; exciting; charming; suave; manipulative; operates people (like ISTPs operate machines); impulsive; sensation-seeking; relationships are conditional on social/sexual payoff; confident; popular; “player”

Occupations: Athlete, auto mechanic, salesman, gambler, negotiator, explorer, show business producer, public relations executive

Examples: General George Patton, Lee Iacocca, Andrew Jackson, JFK, Lyndon Johnson, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, James Bond, Capt. Jack Sparrow