Enneagram Type 2: The Helper

The Helper

Triad: Heart

Purpose: Love and service

Quest: To be loved

Lessons: Unconditional/unselfish love, pride, action without expectation of reward


Values: Significance, intimacy

Talents: Service to others, compassion, pure love, humility

Challenge: Passive aggression

Fear: Not being loved

Childhood parental dynamics: Ambivalent to father


Healthy: Empathetic, caring, compassionate, concerned for others, sincere, warm, appreciative, encouraging, generous, helpful, loving, thoughtful, saintly, humble, tuned in to how people feel

Average: Need to be needed, intrusive, meddlesome, interfering with others “to help”, want others to depend on them, overbearing

Unhealthy: Resentful of others, complaining, manipulative, “poor me” victim, possessive, hysterical, martyr


Roles: Nurse, social worker, rock star groupie, administrative/executive assistant, mother archetype

Examples: Mary Magdalene, Radar O’Reilley (M*A*S*H), Edith Bunker (All in the Family), Mr. Smithers (Simpsons), Nancy Reagan, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Leo Buscaglia, Mr. Rogers, Florence Nightengale, Jewish mother stereotype


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