INFJ—The Counselor

INFJ, The Counselor.

Most empathic, telepathic, psychic, poetic, and mystical

1% of U.S. population

Traits: Gentle, compassionate, accepting, quiet, dreamer, quiet strength; private—usually/frequently doesn’t share gifts/insights with the world unless encouraged by others; aloof; nice but removed; steady; dependable; reservoir of quiet, intellectual, vivid imagination; introspective imagination that inspires insight and personal growth; leads by inspiration; longs for harmony; curious; super-sensitive (takes things very personally); focused on possibilities; complicated, complex personality; great depth of personality; strong empathic abilities; hard to get to know; very rich inner life; avoids conflict; highly intuitive; “master of the metaphor”; very insightful; helps people reach their human potential

Occupations: Psychologist/therapist, psychiatrist, spiritual leader, writer, life coach

Examples: Thomas Jefferson, Jimmy Carter, Sigmund Freud, Yoda


3 thoughts on “INFJ—The Counselor

  1. I tested as an INFJ and then as an INTJ with the score for my place on the Thinking or Feeling dimension being pretty much smack in the middle. So it’s interesting that the Enneagram type I most identify with isn’t 9 but 1 (The Reformer/Perfectionist) with flexibility to fly with the wing of either a 9 (The Peacemaker) or 2 (The Recognised Helper). The INFJ description does say ‘focused on possibilities; complicated, complex personality’.. that bit is definitely right. 😉

    • I can see a 1/INFJ connection in that both types want to make the world a better place–INFJs focusing more on the internal emotions of people and 1s more on the external ideals and structures to uphold. Being a 1 with both wings also allows you to tap into the more feeling-focused energies of the 9 and 2 that INFJs are know for. Yet the 1, like a T, is more objective.

      I’m also a borderline INFJ/INTJ. However I’m a 5 with a strong 4 wing. For me, I definitely see the connection between INTJ/5/objective energy and INFJ/4/subjective energy. It’s interesting how we may be very similar Myers-Briggs types, but quite different in the Enneagram system.

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