Enneagram Type 4: The Individualist

The Individualist

Triad: Heart

Purpose: Self-actualization, understanding of humanity

Quest: To understand self

Lesson: Self-acceptance


Values: Individuality, originality, meaning and purpose in life, legacy

Talents: Intuition, imagination, transformation through emotions

Challenge: Envy

Fear: Being defective/inadequate/not good enough

Childhood parental dynamics: Negative to father and mother


Healthy: Sensitive, intuitive, introspective, self-aware, expressive, self-revealing, authentic, enjoys full range of emotions, creative, inspired, self-renewing, refined, inspires transformation, original, unique

Average: Heightened imagination and fantasy life, emotionally overwhelmed, withdrawn, self-conscious, shy, hypersensitive (takes things personally, easily hurt), emotionally vulnerable, self-doubting, self-absorbed, moody, “outsider”

Unhealthy: Depressed, ashamed, inhibited, emotionally “frozen”, fatalistic, self-destructive, emotional breakdown


Roles: Artist, poet, fashion designer, counselor

Examples: Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron, Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Sting, Hamlet


4 thoughts on “Enneagram Type 4: The Individualist

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    • No. No more than any other type. There are positive and negative things about each type. 4’s are very connected to their heart centers, thus many challenges arise surrounding emotions for this type. But these same emotions provide a depth that can result in amazing creativity and insight.

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