ISTP—The Crafter

ISTP, The Artisan.

Most skillful with tools

7% of U.S. population

Traits: Reserved; aloof; interpersonally cautious; skilled with hands; practical; thrives on and prefers “working on the edge”; needs immediate, tangible rewards; spontaneous; easygoing; values individualism and space; emphasizes individual rights; mechanically curious; learns by doing; needs freedom for adventure; action-oriented; impulsive; acts in service to an end; risk-taker; thrives on excitement/adrenaline rush; easily bored; master of tools (tool artisan); freedom-loving; hedonistic; optimistic; sensation- seeker

Occupations: Warrior, weapons expert/virtuoso, pilot, engineer, carpenter, mechanic, plumber, surgeon, athlete, musician, jewelry maker, furniture maker, soldier, policeperson, biker

Examples: Burt Reynolds, Michaelangelo, General Patton, Scotty (Star Trek), Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, Han Solo