ISFJ—The Protector

ISFJ, The Protector.

Most loyal

9% of U.S. population

Traits: Dutiful, obedient, responsible, serves others, “doormat”, dependable, high sense of obligation, allegiance, and commitment; quiet, reserved; gentle; steady; caring; neat; tidy; serious; “work first—play later”, but “later” rarely happens; schedules fun/leisure time; complains about work, but loves/needs the work; respects authority; occasional streaks of stubbornness; extremely loyal; work/service to others is important b/c it builds character and brings growth, maturity, satisfaction, and fulfillment; frequently/usually overworked; often taken for granted; values respectability; very strong work ethic; thorough; frugal; humble; traditional

Occupations: Nurse, librarian, preschool teacher

Examples: Bess Truman, Nancy Reagan, Radar (M*A*S*H), Mother Theresa


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