ESFP—The Entertainer

ESFP, The Performer.

Most generous and whimsical

11% of U.S. population

Traits: Lives for the present; most in touch with the here and now; “live and let live”; focuses on the positive, denies the negative; ignores problems; needs action, people pleaser; “dizzy blonde”; avoids conflict; warm; supportive; easygoing; optimistic; popular with both adults and kids; enjoys life; “life is a party” attitude; loves luxury; exciting; unpredictable; impulsive; self-indulgent; sociable; playful; fun-loving; lively; witty; pleasure-loving

Occupations: Teacher (especially elementary school), actor, athlete, PR person, nurse, social worker, salesperson/ performing artists

Examples: Edith Bunker, Richard Branson, Hugh Hefner