INFP—The Healer

INFP, The Healer.

Most nondirective

3% of U.S. population

Traits: Idealistic, noble service to aid society; defender of the people/causes; easygoing; gentle; congenial (until their ideal/ethics/rights or those of others are breeched, then very assertive); reflective; gentle exterior masking an assertive interior; needs to please and avoid conflict; sensitive; deep capacity for caring; strong sense of integrity; concerned for others; self-critical; perfectionistic; calm; pleasant outside/passionate inside; profound sense of honor; deep commitment to the positive and the good; moral; ethical; loyal to and protector of family values and ideals; empathic; benevolent; authentic

Occupations: Psychologist/therapist, psychiatrist, social worker, teacher, nonprofit staff worker

Examples: Joan of Arc, Sir Galahad, Don Quixote, Isabel Briggs Myers, Carl Rogers (psychologist), Princess Diana, Counselor Troi (Star Trek)


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