Enneagram Type 7: The Adventurer

The Enthusiast

Triad: Head

Purpose: Joy for life

Quest: To be happy/satisfied and avoid pain

Lesson: Moderation



Values: Fun, happiness

Talents: Energy, gratitude for abundance

Challenge: Gluttony/excess

Fear: Being deprived

Childhood parental dynamics: Negative to mother


Healthy: Fun-loving, spontaneous, enthusiastic, quick, curious, excitable, vivacious, stimulating, resilient, lively, multitalented generalist, “Renaissance person”, versatile, awed with life, joyful, ecstatic

Average: Unfocused, undisciplined, restless, materialistic, connoisseur, trendsetter, sensation seeker, hyperactive, superficial, dabbler, outrageous, outspoken, loud, brash, uninhibited, extravagant, escapist, impulsive

Unhealthy: Manic, addictive tendencies, erratic, out of control, volatile mood swings, compulsive/manic actions, panic attacks, self-centered, selfish, demanding, impatient, unsatisfied, insensitive to others, excessive


Roles: “Jack of all trades,” generalist, “Renaissance man”

Examples: Leonardo Da Vinci, Barbara Streisand, Robin Williams, Sarah Ferguson, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Miss Piggy


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