ENFP—The Motivator

ENFP, The Champion.

Most optimistic

7% of U.S. population

Traits: Dynamic, enthusiastic; affirming; highly skilled with people; craves affirmation; near psychic awareness; charismatic; lots of ideas without follow-through; sociable; desires to please; highly intuitive; seductive; excellent “shape-shifter” who can easily “become” others (step into their shoes); all life is a party; follows enthusiasm until totally exhausted, then collapses; hypersensitive to criticism; people pleaser; everything (including work) must be fun/play; strongly impacts others; negatively interprets others’ “hidden motive” usually inaccurately; optimistic; ingenious; imaginative; creative; charming; adaptive; impulsive; dramatic

Occupations: Salesperson, advertising/P.R. executive, politician, actor

Examples: Snoopy, Robin Williams