ENFP—The Motivator

ENFP, The Champion.

Most optimistic

7% of U.S. population

Traits: Dynamic, enthusiastic; affirming; highly skilled with people; craves affirmation; near psychic awareness; charismatic; lots of ideas without follow-through; sociable; desires to please; highly intuitive; seductive; excellent “shape-shifter” who can easily “become” others (step into their shoes); all life is a party; follows enthusiasm until totally exhausted, then collapses; hypersensitive to criticism; people pleaser; everything (including work) must be fun/play; strongly impacts others; negatively interprets others’ “hidden motive” usually inaccurately; optimistic; ingenious; imaginative; creative; charming; adaptive; impulsive; dramatic

Occupations: Salesperson, advertising/P.R. executive, politician, actor

Examples: Snoopy, Robin Williams


4 thoughts on “ENFP—The Motivator

  1. My Dad is an ENFP and he’s awesome.One of the things I’ve noticed about them, however, is that in spite of their introverted feeling preference, they share many characteristics with Fe users. I wonder why.

    • Yes, I’ve had a lot of ENFP friends and they are, indeed, awesome. What I’ve noticed with the ones I’ve known is that they are *very* extroverted. Perhaps this (the extent of their extrovertedness) has something to do with how they come across and how they express their feeling preference.

      • That’s definitely possible. It could also have something to do with how Ne and Fi interact together when the former is dominant.

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