Hello, I’m Vicki—an INT/FJ; 5w4 self-preservation subtype; only child; American, native Hoosier (IN), long-time Washingtonian (DC); Taurus Sun, Leo Moon/Rising; Monkey.

Most of us don’t introduce ourselves like this, but what if we did? What if we all knew ourselves intimately well and could describe our values, motivations, and actions to our friends and family for better understanding?

I’ve been a personality type enthusiast for almost 20 years—picking up my first Myers-Briggs typology book in 1993, when I was having conflicts with my friend and roommate and didn’t understand why she was behaving so erratically all the time. I later realized we were almost completely opposite Myers-Briggs types, as well as opposites on many other personality factors. Since then, I have used personality type to choose a career and better understand the other people and relationships in my life.

Nowadays, personality type is used in a variety of situations: from workplace dynamics (Strong Interest Inventory) to online dating services (Chemistry.com). You can use it to develop characters for movie scripts or novels. There are even diet books on eating based on your type.

Although type is viewed by some as putting people in a box and oversimplifying personality, I view it as a system to use as the beginning of understanding yourself, others, and the relationships in your life. By understanding your and others’ motivations, fears, strengths, challenges, and gifts, you are better able to achieve happiness and success in your life and relationships. I hope that Identity & Type is a step in this process.

Vicki Mattingly

*Follow the words in red for continuity/prompt words for the following and from the previous posts.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Very high quality information links.
    Vicki, thank you very much for this beautiful place.
    Finally here I’ve found what i’d been looking for for quite a while.
    INTP with the moon in 3Pis29 aquarius/pisces and the borderline sun 26Cap53 in cap/aquar

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