Myers-Briggs Type Functions

 Extravert (E) vs. Introvert (I)

How you recharge your energy

Extravert (E)
Introvert (I)
Recharge with others Recharge alone
Build energy Conserve energy
Sociable Solitary
Interactive Contemplative
Gregarious Reflective
Lively Calm
Public Private
Talk Listen
Speak, then think Think, then speak
Lead Follow
Initiate Continue
Active Passive

Sensor (S) vs. Intuitive (N)           

How you take in and process information

Sensor (S)
Intuitive (N)
Details Generalities
Concrete Theoretical/abstract
Practical Imaginative
Literal Metaphorical
“Trees” view “Forest” view
Micro perspective Macro perspective
Present-oriented Future-oriented
Reality Fantasy
Sensation Imagination
Down-to-earth Head-in-the-clouds
Traditional Unconventional
Process info through five senses Process info with sixth sense

Thinker (T) vs. Feeler (F)           

How you make decisions

Thinker (T)
Feeler (F)
Objective Subjective
Head Heart
Mental Emotional
Just/fair Merciful
Clarity Harmony
Exact Fluctuating
Detached Involved

Judger (J) vs. Perceiver (P)

How you organize your life

Judger (J)
Perceiver (P)
Closed Open
Resolved Pending
Fixed Flexible
Structure Flow
Definite Tentative
Scheduled Spontaneous
Organization Information
Decision Exploration

More Info:

Four Temperaments

Sixteen Myers-Briggs Types

Enneagram Types

Type Title Triad Purpose Traits Lesson that must be learned
1 The Perfectionist Gut Truth Healthy: Conscientious, strong morals and ethics, rational, reasonable, self-disciplined, moderate, just, fair, extremely principled, impartial, objective, virtuous, reliable, wise, honest  Average: Reformer, crusader, critical, high-minded idealist, orderly, neat, methodical, organized, logical, detailed, rigid, impersonal, no-nonsense, puritanical, compulsive, fastidious, meticulous, punctual, “black and white” thinking, opinionated about everything, judgmental, impatient, fault-finding, perfectionistic, workaholic, nitpicker, serious  Unhealthy: Self-righteous, intolerant, dogmatic, inflexible, close-minded, extremely judgmental, obsessive-compulsive Unconditional acceptance, going with the flow
2 The Helper Heart Unconditional love and service Healthy: Empathetic, caring, compassionate, concerned for others, sincere, warm, appreciative, encouraging, generous, helpful, loving, thoughtful, saintly, humble, tuned in to how people feel  Average: Need to be needed, intrusive, meddlesome, interfering with others “to help”, want others to depend on them, overbearing, martyr  Unhealthy: Resentful of others, complaining, manipulative, “poor me” victim, possessive, hysterical Unconditional/unselfish love, pride, action without expectation of reward
3 The Achiever Heart Hope, ambition Healthy: Genuine, self-assured, confident, energetic, attractive, charming, popular, optimistic, good communicator, motivator, promoter  Average: Competitive, social climber, goal-oriented, career-focused, wants to be “a winner”, chameleon, calculating  Unhealthy: Exploitative, opportunistic, sleazy, immoral, untrustworthy, deceptive, fake, narcissistic, pretentious, vain, superficial, overly competitive Authenticity
4 The Individualist Heart Self-actualization, understanding of humanity Healthy: Sensitive, intuitive, introspective, self-aware, expressive, self-revealing, authentic, enjoys full range of emotions, creative, inspired, self-renewing, refined, inspires transformation, original, unique  Average: Heightened imagination and fantasy life, emotionally overwhelmed, withdrawn, self-conscious, shy, hypersensitive (takes things personally, easily hurt), emotionally vulnerable, self-doubting, self-absorbed, moody, “outsider”  Unhealthy: Depressed, ashamed, inhibited, emotionally “frozen”, fatalistic, self-destructive, emotional breakdown Self-acceptance
5 The Thinker Head Explanation of life, understanding of universe Healthy: Perceptive, wise, insightful, visionary, open-minded, brilliant, genius, intelligent, expert, innovative, inventive, original thinker  Average: Analytical, objective, detached, observer, immersed in data and details, intellectualizer, reductionistic  Unhealthy: Reclusive, isolated, eccentric, suspicious, obsessed, paranoid, intellectually arrogant, stingy, distant Activating intelligence, connection with others
6 The Realist Head Security, order Healthy: Loyal, likeable, caring, practical, helpful, responsible, friendly, committed to “tribe”/family, cooperative, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, dependable, independent and  interdependent  Average: Hypervigilant, worrier, edgy/testy, anxious, distrustful of others, seeks approval/assistance of an authority figure, suspicious, traditionalist, “team player”, dutiful, obedient  Unhealthy: Insecure, cowardly, worthless, incompetent, overreacts to everything, exaggerates problems, anxious, controlling, judgmental, defensive, rigid, feels persecuted and attacked by others, self-defeating, self-punishing, masochistic, belligerent, mean-spirited, rebellious/ aggressive Independence, self-trust
7 The Adventurer Head Joy for life Healthy: Fun-loving, spontaneous, enthusiastic, quick, curious, excitable, vivacious, stimulating, resilient, lively, multitalented generalist, “Renaissance person”, versatile, awed with life, joyful, ecstatic  Average: Unfocused, undisciplined, restless, materialistic, connoisseur, trendsetter, sensation seeker, hyperactive, superficial, dabbler, outrageous, outspoken, loud, brash, uninhibited, extravagant, escapist, impulsive  Unhealthy: Manic, addictive tendencies, erratic, out of control, volatile mood swings, compulsive/manic actions, panic attacks, self-centered, selfish, demanding, impatient, unsatisfied, insensitive to others, excessive Moderation
8 The Leader Gut Leadership Healthy: Assertive, confident, strong, “can-do” attitude, inner drive, ambitious, natural leader, decisive, authoritative, commanding, provider, sponsor, promoter, masterful, courageous, protective, enterprising, entrepreneur  Average: Direct, skeptical, self-sufficient, forceful, empire builder, power broker, proud  Unhealthy: Controlling, insensitive, domineering, self-centered, aggressive, rebellious, egocentric, arrogant, confrontational, belligerent, bullying, defiant, adversarial, threatening, oppressive, ruthless, violent, immoral, hardhearted, dictatorial, tyrannical, delusional ideas of grandeur/omnipotence/ invincibility, reckless, vengeful, brutal Surrender
9 The Mediator Gut Acceptance Healthy: Receptive, open, serene, emotionally stable, accepting, trusting, easygoing, patient, gentle, unpretentious, innocent, simplistic, nice, optimistic, reassuring, kind, supportive, calming, peaceful, mediator, comforter, content, pleasant, generous, diplomatic, open-minded, empathic  Average: Accommodating, submissive, conciliatory, living through others, complacent, passive, ignoring/avoiding problems, emotionally indolent, procrastination, oblivious to reality, unfocused, spacey, inattentive, idealized thinking, “peace at any price”, resigned  Unhealthy: Repressed, helpless, dependent on others, apathetic, passive-aggressive, judgmental, stubborn/obstinate, neglectful, irresponsible, forgetful, dissociative, disoriented, immobilized, emotional breakdown, personality fragmentation Assertiveness

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