Myers-Briggs at the Faire

This week’s post is written as a hypothetical adventure at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, in celebration of opening weekend. The characters represent the 16 Myers-Briggs types.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

*            *            *            *            *

I enter the gates ready for my magical adventure. First stop, the Glass Blower, to admire the detailed artistry of the pieces and pick out a gift for a friend. As it’s afternoon, it’s time for my first beer of the day, so I head to the White Hart Tavern, where a Bard is entertaining the crowd with a highly original and funny story—you never quite know what to expect from Bards. Nearby at the Royal Stage, the Jester is adding his own brand of entertainment to the day by amusing both the adults and kids with his easy, light-hearted hijinks. Next, I pass by the climbing wall where a Mentor, the mother of one of the kids climbing the wall, is providing moral support for the youngster struggling to make it to the top.

Lunchtime! I think I’ll have some fried cheese, and maybe some fried green beans or a fried pickle. Then, after way too much fried food, time to rest and recover a bit with a reading from the insightful and intuitive Tarot Reader on Mary’s Dale Way.

Then, I decide to check out a pirate show at Fortune Stage, and am immediately attracted to the Swashbuckler, with his physical prowess and charm, seducing all the women from the stage.

After the show, I go to check out the moccasin shop and discuss special ordering a new pair of moccasins with the head Craftsmith there, because his skills surpass most other shoemakers due to his attention to detail and years experience with his craft.

Time for a privy stop before the jousting. Oh, good, there is a Maintenance Person, ever mindful of our needs, handing out soap and papertowels. I meet my friends on the top row of seating and prepare for a good match. The Fighters are very dominant, capable, and skilled, and the Judge seems decisive and absolute in his determination of the winners. However, on the last round, one of the fighters unfortunately falls off his horse and is taken to the caring Healer, who both treats the minor wounds and eases his concerns of any serious problem.

Hey, I think that was Henry VIII that just walked by, the Ruler of these lands—an authority figure and anti-establishment leader. I think I’ll follow behind because I heard him say he was going to talk to the reclusive, yet brilliant Academian who I’ve always been curious to meet, but have never seen, and then to the Wizard, who will provide expert counsel to Henry on how to bring about the marriage of his son, Prince Edward, to Mary, Queen of Scots. Along the way, we pass the shop of the always wacky and imaginative Inventor where she is selling her newest creation this year, magickal sundials. Her friendly and engaging Host beckons us into the shop, but we decline, as we’re on a mission right now. But, I must return later to check out the fuzzy mirrors.

Type Key for the Characters:

Glass Blower: ISFP

Bard: ENFP

Jester: ESFP

Mentor: ENFJ

Tarot Reader: INFJ

Swashbuckler: ESTP

Craftsmith: ISTP

Maintenance Person: ISFJ

Fighter: ESTJ

Judge: ISTJ

Healer: INFP

Ruler: ENTJ

Academian: INTP

Wizard: INTJ

Inventor: ENTP

Host: ESFJ